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Byung-hun Min's First Solo Media Art Exhibition arouses a soothing and relaxing sensation


The Breath of an Angel, Light as a Feather, Eternity and a Day, When even I can’t help myself, Volsurok, Shall Fade like Fog, The Sealed Time, The Sea and the Poison, Requiem… As these titles suggest, the works flaunt director Min’s talent in creating sentimental visual of his own, as he has been acclaimed as one of the leading art film directors of Korea.

A new challenge of Director Byung-hun Min, "Healing and Comfort with Jeju Nature"


Staying in Jeju for four years has convinced me that one can be healed through nature and come to bud a new life. Of course, I was always accompanied by movies, art, and life. I don’t intend to just portray my personal agony and hardship of being a director through this exhibition. I believe that by focusing on what one can do to solve the facing problems and what efforts are needed to protect the precious values amidst adversity, it can bring a calming comfort to those who are going through sufferings and struggles of their own. I especially think that those who want to find the meaning of contemplation and quiet meditation will be able to communicate with honesty through this exhibition. 

Nari Kim, CEO of HORI Artspace, "New Year, discover and support young directors"


Kim Nari, CEO of HORI Artspace in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, will make a new leap forward as a planning gallery in 2022. At HORI Artspace, as we have focused on artists in the age of 50s since the opening in May 2020, in relation to that we plan to look for young exhibition directors of the rising generation and support their projects annually. As a unique move as a new gallery, CEO Kim said, "We will continue to promote not only discovered the artists but also co-prosperity and symbiosis with young directors as well as commercial profit-seeking companies."

HORI Artspace, Why did a Tiger Become a Cat_2022 Exhibition in support of Young Directors


Celebrating “The Year of the Black Tiger”, the animal was chosen as the main subject for <Why did a Tiger become a Cat> exhibition, but the 8 invited artists deliver metaphorical messages based on the interesting fact that tigers belong to the feline category.

Ung-Pil Byen, remains a very thin line when he draw 'SOMEONE'

...'eyes, noes, mouth'


The portrait series of Ung-Pil Byen give a feeling that they are telling our story. The appearance of rubbing face to face without a mask evokes old sensibility.

An artist who has been receiving acclaim for paintings in the motif of “internal portrait”


The artist has practiced the painting style of having a clear message but delivering it in the utmost restraint, for he wishes for his works to be interpreted without boundaries.

Sculptor Song Feel's solo exhibition...blooms flowers on the dead trees


It looks like a real tree. Like the greatness of life blooming on old trees, sculptor SongFeel is a 21st-century magician.

To emphasize the theme, cut-down leafless trees and hollow trunk of dead trees were profoundly utilized in this exhibition. It is humbling to see the blue plum blossoms that have bloomed from the dead barks.

Sculptor Song Feel held

solo invitational exhibition

'Beyond the Withered'


The highlight of this exhibition is undoubtedly the 7-meter tall stainless steel tree hung in the air, titled <Rooted in the Air>. Not only by its gigantic scale but finding 1-2mm

rootlets and branches welded to the body will bring you to an absolute awe. In particular, the large and small crystals (Swarovski) hanging at the tip of the branches present mystical aura of color from fine stirs of light. The crystals can also be regarded as the solid form of life’s infinite vitality. 

Germany’s young rising artist 

David Lehmann's first solo show 

in Asia..'Erotic propaganda'


David Lehman, 34 year-old, is described by the word "young" and "wildlife" in the painting scene. His paintings satirize political and social critical themes and create erotic images explicitly and provocatively on canvas. Through the 'Puzzling Astonishment', we look forward to witnessing the charm of German contemporary art’s new leading trend right here with us.

David Lehmann, 

First solo show in Asia


With the subtitle of “Puzzling Astonishment”, the works of this young sensation will be shown in Gangbuk and Gangnam district of Seoul simultaneously; this joint exhibition project is hosted by Choi & Lager Gallery and HORI Artspace and organized by AIF Art Management. 45 paintings and 30 drawings, altogether 75 of Lehmann’s works will be waiting for the Korean audience in these galleries. Meanwhile, The characteristics of David Lehmann's works lie in his unconstrained style of drawing that is free from any form or principle.

Smartphone, Syringe… an Artist’s Painting Tool Becomes his Message


When viewing an artwork, taking a note of what tools 

the artist has used to complete the work makes it more intriguing. For artist Changhong Ahn, they were his smartphone and its digital pen to complete a series of paintings. Ahn regarded them a great tool to express the theme of urban citizens’ desire. For Jong-Seok Yoon, it is the syringe. The artist explains that the choice was made due to the honesty of the result the syringe brings, that paintings can only be produced with the accumulation of time and physical movement…as well as its simplicity. As such, an artist’s intentions at times lie within the choice of the painting tool and the production process. 

“The Everyday Life Scenes meet Incidents of the Past at a Dot and Become a Message” 

Jong-Seok Yoon’s syringe pointillism paintings carry the echoes from the million dots…Viewers are mesmerized. 


When Yoon finds an interesting image while surfing the web, he searches deeper about the subject and finds a few more images that are relevant to the event that had happened in the past of the date he encountered the subject. Among them, Yoon connects 1 to 2 images with the subject matter that had initially grabbed his attention and composes his own creative story.

The Empty Shell…The Ghost of Desire, only a Smartphone is used at the Age of 68 to produce Digital Pen Paintings 


"The only difference is that my paintings were passive in the past, and they are now at the forefront 40 years later, but my criticism on urban civilization has never changed.” 

Hockney does it too, and he’s older than me… Artist Changhong Ahn Picked up a Digital Pen 

instead of a Brush

Introducing his First Digital Pen Artwork Series “The Ghost Fashion” at the age of 68 “Seems to me that they’re just clothes walking around without souls” 


“When the minds that crave to flaunt become excessive, they seemed to me as soulless clothes trotting around.” In the extravagance of fashion, Ahn captured delusion. You cannot find a single body in his digital pen paintings; only invisible models are posing individually. Through erasing bodies in photographs and painting over them repeatedly, the final results were completely different from the original photographs. Ahn commented, “We live in the era of opulence. When there are too many methods to reveal oneself, the output seems rather vain.”  

An Artist, an Exhibition Planner, and a Film Director’s 

“Gumgil Coexistence”

At age 50 and inflection point in life, going back to 

“the first intention” and painting in mountains, forests, and the sea…filled with vitality

Jeju Island’s Landscape Painted with Q-tips and Fingertips, a Special Challenge of Artist Nam-pyo Kim

The newly launching Jeju Project at the inflection point of life 


“Nam-pyo Kim’s Jeju Story – Gumgil” is showing at AIF and HORI Artspace located in Cheongdam-dong of Seoul. “Gumgil” is a Jeju dialect indicating weeds and vines commonly found on roads and forests. How has an artist who had been a resident artist of Gana Atelier for over 12 years working in Jangheung become to be interested in Jeju? The artist commented, "I found myself contemplating many things as I hit my 50s…then became to face fundamental questions such as, `Are all painters artists? Why am I one?’ And during the introspection of my identity as a painter, I thought of Jeju Island.” 

Cho Young-nam’s Works as a “Lee Sang Fanatic”… Exhibition at HORI Artspace in Cheongdam-dong 


Utterly fascinated by the late poet Lee Sang’s poems that cannot be explained in text, Cho pledged to be a “die-hard Lee Sang fan”. Paintings showing Cho Young-nam’s utmost admiration toward the poet are presented as “a full-scale project to praise Lee Sang”, but Cho’s own geniusness sips through his paintings. The black and white photograph of Lee Sang’s face at the center, Einstein with his tongue sticking out, Picasso in a striped T-shirt, Nietzsche in stern face and Gustav Mahler all in one painting reveals Cho’s freewheeling charm. In another painting, a group band with Lee Sang as the vocal leader, Einstein as the guitarist and Mahler as the pianist is perked up by black-bush-clover cards of Hwatu (Korean folk card game) in the background.

Cho Young-Nam “The Late poet Lee Sang, the Only Person whom I want to Emutate”


His new publication “Lee Sang and his 5 Fellas”… on warm acceptance of his exhibition, “makes me even think that I may finally be recognized”

The 4 Legendary Artists’ Grand Joint Exhibition “청유미감 (Chung-yoo-mi-gam)” opens at HORI Artspace

Presenting Artworks of Kwon Jinkyu, Kim Whanki, Park Rehyun and Lee Ufan


The “청유미감 (淸遊美感, Chung-yoo-mi-gam)” Exhibition is held in 5 floors of Noah Building. To be specific, at HORI Artspace there will be Lee Ufan’s fine art paintings, watercolor paintings, and Kwon Jinkyu’s 3 terra cotta figure statues. The two-toned “Dialogue” by Lee Ufan which is a rarity in Korea along with “East Winds”, “Dot” and several other pieces that are size-100 canvases. Gallery Ju Young displays works of Kim Whanki, Park Rehyun and Lee Ufan; his colored “Dialogue” in canvas size 200 to 300 can be found along with Park Rehyun and Kim Whanki’s fascinating masterpieces containing each of their unique formativeness. At AiF, more than 20 drawings based on the motif of various materials featured in Kim Whanki's works will be displayed. In addition to these, works of other modern & contemporary artists who lived during the same era as the 4 artists will be at the private zone on the 5th floor.