Byen Ung-Pil (1970-)

Artist Ung-Pil Byen (b.1970-) received BFA in Western painting from Dongguk University (Korea), and MFA in Fine art from Academy of Arts in Muenster (Germany) with completion of Meister program. So far, he has held about 10 solo exhibitions including (HORI Artspace-Seoul, 2021), (Arirang Gallery-Busan, 2018), (Gallery Joeun-Seoul, 2014), (UNC Gallery-Seoul, 2014), (window display of Gallery Hyundai-Seoul, 2013), (Arirang Gallery-Busan, 2012), Gallery Hyundai-Seoul, 2009), etc., and participated in about 100 group and special exhibitions. The recognitions he has received especially in Germany include Support Award of the Academy of Arts Muenster, Emerging Artist Fellowship for foreign student-DAAD, 2004-Kunstaspekte-Art Award, and ADO Art Award 2005.

Byen’s works are collected by MMCA Government Art Bank (Korea), SeMA, Jeonnam Museum of Art, OCI Museum of Art, Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture, Museum MARTA Herfod (Germany), Supreme court of NRW (Germany), etc. Byen’s paintings are published in 6 textbooks for public schools of Korea including Middle School Art Textbook by Jihaksa Co. Ltd, High School Art Textbooks by Chunjae Education, Ltd, and Mijinsa Co. Ltd. Books titled 『Art Meditation』 and 『The Museum of a Feeling』 have introduced his paintings as well. The artist currently resides and works in his studio located in Ganghwa province of Korea.



Byen Ung-Pil’s Solo Invitational Exhibition

An artist who has been receiving acclaim for paintings in the motif of “internal portrait”, Ung-Pil Byen is having a solo exhibition with his new works. However peaceful a person’s life may be, sooner or later such comfort becomes uneasy with no exception to anyone. Looking at Ung-Pil Byen’s paintings feels like observing an individual who is adjusting to living a life for the first time. And in this invitational exhibition titled <SOMEONE>, the artist is presenting about 70 pieces which are so candid as if they could be entries from his personal diary.


The portrait series of Ung-Pil Byen give a feeling that they are telling our story.

The appearance of rubbing face to face without a mask evokes old sensibility.  

Newsis |  2021-11-22


An artist who has been receiving acclaim for paintings in the motif of “internal portrait”

The artist has practiced the painting style of having a clear message but delivering it in the utmost restraint, for he wishes for his works to be interpreted without boundaries.

MunHwa |  2021-11-23


During the Phendemic, face the internal self-portrait

KBS News |  2021-12-11