Angel artists Special Charity Exhibition

<ART for ALL>

1 September - 21 October, 2023

Children from challenging environments are supported both nationally and internationally via the art-sharing site "AIF Children" so they can share and appreciate the cultural and artistic values. To help future generations regain their mental stability, sense of self, and sense of the future, we would especially like to increase chances for varied arts-related content and cultural events.

To start, "AIF Children" gave 100 million won to the Korean Red Cross as a donation from the earnings of a charity auction it held with "Angel Artists" and art supplies utilized by almost 4,000 people to support the creative literacy of children in particular affected by the earthquake in Turkiye (Turkey).

We provided funding in August 2023 for 200 students in an elementary school and a girls' secondary school in Malawi, Africa, to use art class supplies. And for the following academic year, we have plans to keep supporting the art curriculum (video resources).

The "Angel Artist's Special Charity 2023 - Art for All" exhibition's proceeds will be utilized to sponsor activities that encourage cultural and creative inquiry as well as to bring young elementary school kids from all around the nation to Seoul in the second half of this year through the next spring.  

Unexpected events and emotional triggers throughout childhood might act as significant turning points in life, in our opinion. We ask for your interest in this chance and will make every effort to guarantee that the many good intentions of those who join us are well reflected, as we believe this exhibition will be the very beginning of it.

Installation Views


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