2024 New Year Invitation Exhibition

<Happy Hori Day>

6 January- 31 January, 2024

Hori Art Space will hold its first exhibition 《Happy Hori Day》 to mark the year of Gapjin, the Year of the Blue Dragon in 2024. 《Happy Hori Day》 is an exhibition where you can meet artists who have been invited to the exhibition of Hori Art Space since its opening in 2020 or who will be with you in the future.

As always, I believe that the exhibition is completed by the artist's original and individual sensibilities meeting and communicating with the audience. From the senior artist who has shown the firm charm and competitiveness of Korean contemporary art to the works of new artists who are creating a new vision, this 《Happy Hori Day》 is more than fun to watch.

We look forward to having a wonderful and exciting start to the new year with Hori Art Space 《Happy Hori Day》.

* Hosted by HORI Artspace

* Directed by AIF Art Management


Installation Views


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