Kim Myung-joo's Solo Invitation Exhibition

<Transfigured Night>

1 November- 25 November, 2023

In greeting the month of November, HORI Artspace together with AiF Art Management has invited artist Kim Myung-joo to have her solo exhibition, 《Transfigured Night》. The title is adopted from a powerful and acclaimed string sextet by Arnold Schönberg (Austrian composer, 1874-1951), an ode to one of a series of poems by a German lyric poet Richard Dehmel (1863-1920) in the same name.

In “Art Busan 2023”, Kim Myung-joo was one of the main artists for the exhibition booth of HORI ArtSpace, leading her works to be included in the Art Bank of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The booth of HORI was selected as one of the “Top 5 Booths in Art Busan 2023” by Monthly Art magazine, gaining profound attention. Kim’s artworks are unprecedented ceramic pieces beyond ordinary recreation, and her intuitive discernment of soil’s unique characteristic entitles her to “The Interpreter of Clay”. They exude a subtle sense of freedom, being the outcome of having keenly listened to her inner voice without constraint by any shape or form.

"I’ve read Rilke recently, and he writes, ‘Pain is the gemstone of existence.’ I try to capture the inevitable pain and loss that we encounter in life, the darkness that comes with it, and the process of purification." This may be the reason that the viewers of her works can even sense the life-giving breath that she instills in the sculptures through her deep internal concentration. Vigorous, passionate yet earnest, Kim’s works flow with inspiration from a poem and melody of music.

Professor and director Shim Sang-yong of Seoul National University Museum of Art commented, “"Kim Myung-joo creates a thousand faces. They are all astonishingly different, with expressions rising from emotions of varying existential stances.” After leaving the artist’s fingertips and entering a boiling kiln, the glaze drips down revealing the inner facades and collectively they form another landscape of the heart. It is our hope for you to come and meet these faces that will resonate with your inner world, in “Transfigured Night”.

* Hosted and Directed by HORI Artspace, AIF Art Management


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