Chen Dai-Goang's Solo Invitation Exhibition

<Light Dim and Ethereal>

1 November - 26 November, 2022

The first solo exhibition by installation artist Chen Dai-Goang

The Aesthetics of Rest emitted by the ‘Light Dim and Ethereal’

The first solo exhibition of distinguished large-scale installation artist Chen Dai-Goang will be held under the auspices of HORI Artspace and the planning of AIF Art Management. Last year, artist Chen Dai-Goang drew great deal of attention by showcasing a small ‘city’ consisting of various materials and forms on the front lawn of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art(MMCA), Cheongju. The title of the exhibition, 《Dreams of the Perfect City》 was to metaphorically express the concept of an ideal city, and it was said that the works of the exhibition were inspired by Cheon Bu Gyeong (‘The Scripture of Heavenly Code’), a core text in Korea’s Daejongism faith, and ‘Kabbalah,’ the medieval Jewish mystic school of thought. It would be the outcome of adding the artist's interpretation to the works by referring to the explanation of the principles and logic of the universe.

As such, Chen's commissioned project work always shows a high degree of perfection based on the artist's unique ingenious ideas and historical research. In addition, it is highly regarded as a ‘work in place of a mirror of an era’ because it is an outcome of accumulating various information such as history, economy, technology, culture, and climate in the data which Chen himself recorded and collected while traveling to various countries for just one art work. It is also thanks to the persistent interpretation of the attributes of the object to be expressed, and the reinterpretation of its intertwined relationships and traces. Notably, he creates an unexpected sensation through his works by adding new patterns or his own unique aesthetic while borrowing familiar objects. Therefore, Chen has been frequently invited to exhibitions at domestic and foreign art museums and public art projects.

Chen Dai-Goang's style of work can be defined as a 'comprehensive world of work that crosses sculpture, installation, painting, crafts, and architectural areas’. This is because his works are born from the contemplation and exploration of a space and a specific place where artistic intervention and practice are reconstructed from various perspectives. In particular, Chen reinterprets the physical and architectural elements of the exhibition space with the artist's unique sensibility to find the contact point that can be most ideally harmonized with the work. Therefore, it seems that he could embody the ‘completion of the work method, which is the best site-specific,’ in the historical, social, and cultural context of the venue where his work is placed.

For artist Chen, the limitations of the exhibition space are insignificant. He successfully directs works that are perfect for each space, from the indoor space of the museum to the private or public parks outdoors. Perhaps the meticulously elaborate production method during the exhibition preparation process will also play a part. Based on the elaborate and in-depth consideration and exploration of the new spaces and places he encounters at each exhibition, Chen proceeds the entire process before installing the work with a manual that is as detailed as the architectural design drawing. The directing mechanism of his work, which not only respects the surrounding environmental conditions around which the work will be installed but is considered as a channel to allow visitors to appreciate his works as comfortably and familiar as possible, boasts unrivaled completeness.

For this solo exhibition, 《Light Dim and Ethereal》, Chen also created structures of geometric patterns by cutting translucent acrylic plates with lasers. Even though the viewers may feel that the first impression of the work is a bit rigid, the more they look at it, the warmer sensibility they can tell. The viewers can also find the power of the artist’s concentration in a thoroughly calculated structural completeness. The texture of the extremely modern and urban material called acrylic is added with subtle lighting, creating an unembellished and even nice ambience. The HORI Artspace, located on the third floor showcases approximately 40 pieces of works centered on lighting installation, while the AIF Lounge on the fourth floor has 250 drawings filling the entire wall, attracting visitors delude themselves as if they were at a themed art museum. Beyond just viewers looking at the work from afar, we highly recommend you have a special experience where you can relax and become part of the work as if you were taking a walk throughout the exhibition hall.

* Hosted by Nari Kim (CEO of HORI Artspace)

* Directed by Yoon-sub Kim (CEO of AIF Art Management)


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천대광 千大光, (1970-)