Min Byung-hun (1969-)

Film director Byung-hun Min (b.1969-) has graduated from The Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK), and is currently a professor at Hanseo University, Korea. 

Min has made a grand debut by receiving Grand Prix at Torino Film Festival, Outstanding Artistic Contribution Award at Film Festival Cottbus, International Film Critics’ Award at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF), Silver Prize at Thessaloniki International Film Festival – with his <Flight of the Bee> in 1998, <Let’s not cry!> in 2001 and <Pruning the Grapevine> in 2006. In 2013, his film <Touch> was recognized with Catholic Media Award, Special Award from Marie Claire Film Festival (MCFF), and was chosen as The Movie of the Year by Korean Federation of Film Archives. In 2015, <Love Never Fails> was shown at Filmfest Hamburg and Shanghai International Film Festival, and the movie <I’m Feng> was invited to be shown at Jeonju International Film Festival and Silk Road International Film Festival. 

Recently Min has completed his trilogy that deal with life – <The Emperor> in 2018, <Miracle> in 2020 and <Phantom> in 2022, and is executing a media exhibition titled <VOLSUROK> in Jeju Island, Korea. The director is currently residing in Jeju and shooting a human documentary titled <Promise>. 



Film Director Byung-hun Min's
First Solo Media Art Exhibitionn
“Eternity and a Day”

For the first invitational exhibition of the year 2022, HORI Artspace has selected film director Byung-hun Min – creator of <Pruning the Grapevine>, <Touch>, <Love Never Fails>, etc. - to have his first solo media art show. The title is ‘Eternity and a Day’, and in it, twenty video works with various facets of nature captured in Jeju Island are presented, from the emotional and meditative viewpoint.


Just like the therapeutic feeling from gazing into the fire, the forest, or the sea...

In this exhibition, twenty video works with various facets of nature captured in Jeju Island are presented, from the emotional and meditative viewpoint.  

Newsis |  2022-02-18


Director Byung-hun Min's first solo media art exhibition...

have brought vitality and sentimental healing amidst these years of the pandemic period.

Yanhap News |  2022-02-17


Director Byung-hun Min, First exhibition from being a media artist...

Especially captivating are the close-up shots of ordinary daily lives and the “time-based events” created in the process.  

Nocut News |  2022-02-18


Director Min hold his first solo media art show 'Eternity and a Day'.

Attempting unconventional variations and extensions of documentary grammar in his own way, Min’s works of this exhibition will serve as an opportunity to further expand the existing format of visual art.  

KBS Star_news |  2022-02-17