Open Studio Art Festa

<The Birth of Art>

30 September - 8 October, 2022

A grand exhibition will be held where the viewers can vividly experience the artistic capabilities in person. That is <The Birth of Art>, an exhibition by 12 Korean artists, on the first floor of the Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul Arts Center.

Korean artists from their 70s to 30s, including leading artists Lee Kun-Yong, Suh Yong-Sun, Oh Won-Bae, veteran artists Min Byung-Hun, Kim Nam-Pyo, Byen Ung-Pil, Yoon Jong-Seok, Song Feel promising artists Kang Jun-Young, Park Kyung-Ryul, Park Hyo-Bin, and You Hyeon-Kyeong, will present various art genres, such as paintings, sculptures, installations, and videos in one place. In particular, the viewers can not only appreciate 10 to 20 meters of mega-scale works but also watch the process of producing works on-site throughout the exhibition period.

Prior to the official opening, the VIP preview will feature a 22-meter-long ‘Snail’s gallop’ performance representing and symbolizing the world of artist Lee Kun-Yong's works.

This exhibition offers an interesting opportunity to hear how artists create their works in person through participatory programs such as art talks for direct communication between artists and visitors. As a ‘venue to gauge the potential value of Korean contemporary art and its positive role in daily life’ viewed from the perspective of today, we expect The Birth of Art to show ‘12 ways to meet art.’ 

* Hosted by Yoon-sub Kim (CEO of aifnco), Nari Kim (CEO of HORI Artspace)


Shinhan Card, Yeolmae Company, EnjoyExhibition, Perrier 

* Location: Seoul Arts Center Hangaram Museum

Installation Views

Related Artists

이건용 Lee Kun-Yong (b. 1945-) 

서용선 Suh Yong-Sun (b. 1951-) 

오원배 Oh Won-Bae (b. 1953-) 

민병훈 Min Byung-Hun (b. 1969-) 

김남표 Kim Nam-Pyo (b. 1970-) 

변웅필 Byen Ung-Pil (b. 1970-) 

윤종석 Yoon Jong-Seok (b. 1970-) 

송필 Song Feel (b. 1970-) 

강준영 Kang Jun-Young (b. 1979-) 

박경률 Park Kyung-Ryul (b. 1979-) 

박효빈 Park Hyo-Bin (b. 1981-) 

유현경 You Hyeon-Kyeong (b. 1985-)