Kim Nam-Pyo's Invitation Exhibition

<Origin-Instant Landscape>

30 August - 23 September, 2022

(Closed on Mondays)

‘Origin-Instant Landscape,’ a solo exhibition by an invited artist Kim Nam-Pyo (1970- ), will be held from August 30th to September 23rd. This is his second solo exhibition at HORI Artspace in two years since he had the first one under the title of ‘Gumgil,’ which means ‘weeds’ in the dialect of Jeju Island, in the first year of HORI Artspace's opening in November 2020. This exhibition will feature 15 pieces that give a glimpse of the newly expanded world of works by Kim Nam-Pyo. The needle scratching technique on faux fur shows the height of sophisticated delicacy that even the viewers doubt their own eyes. 

It was 26 years ago that Kim Nam-Pyo started being interested in the works using the ‘scratching on faux fur technique.’ To finish one work, he had to devote a great deal of time, which is at least several months, and considerable effort. It is astoundingly marvelous that the ‘faux fur painting of the black landscape’ is created by applying countless times of careful meticulous touches. Also, it could be said that the endurance of pure beliefs, which he continuously researches for more than 20 years to complete one content, is the basis for growing Kim’s artistic competence.

“Kim Nam-Pyo does not speak about any kind of religious dimensions. However, he is an essentialist and a true painting-oriented artist, in the sense that he believes that the sublime should be eternal in painting, He is a soul who practices the horizontal sublime in that he believes the necessity of feeling and searching for the sublime in reality. This is precisely not only the question that the artist had asked to the history of painting and artists from the previous generation, but also the answer he had got from them. This is the beginning moment of the world that Kim Nam-Pyo intends to speak about. It is because the horizontal world also unfolds boundlessly."

An essentialist, a true painting-oriented artist, a practitioner of sublime! As mentioned by art critic Lee Jin-Myung, Kim Nam-Pyo's new series ‘Black Landscape’ proves the fundamental power of painting. The artist also added 'Origin' to 'Instant Landscape' which has been a consistent title of his works. Through this exhibition, Kim appeals the viewers how attractive the ‘essential painting-ism’ that he pursued can be. All his works enchantingly stimulate that simultaneously satisfies the viewer’s sense of sight and touch.

This exhibition consists of two main types: The main space, HORI Artspace on the 3rd floor, presents paintings with the ‘scratching on faux fur technique’. The works are not framed intentionally, so you can see for yourself how synthetic fur as fine as the hair meet the needle and coordinate. It will convey the discourse of the ‘Aesthetics of Black’ in the dim night scenery where even the moonlight is asleep. On the other hand, AIF Lounge on the 4th floor will be displayed with oil paintings. These are also black landscapes that restrain light to the utmost. It shows the scenery of the night sea with waves fluctuating in very small moonlight, or the mystery of Mont Blanc's high peak, which contains traces of glaciers.

For artists, their technique is like a weapon on a fierce battlefield. However, no matter how sharp a sword is, you have to master skilled swordsmanship or excellent tactics to show your skills. Kim Nam-Pyo's painting using the ‘scratching on faux fur technique’ proves how the aesthetics of simpleness and completion can lead to the source of beauty, just like the heroic story of a successful swordsman. We invite you to Kim Nam-Pyo’s first faux fur black landscape solo exhibition ‘Origin-Instant Landscape,’ which the artist has prepared for the past 26 years.

* Hosted by Nari Kim (CEO of HORI Artspace)  

* Directed by Yoon-sub Kim (CEO of AIF Art Management)


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