Yoon JongSeok (1970-)

Jong-seok Yoon (1970-) received BFA in Art Education and MFA in Fine Art from Hannam University. He has had 15 solo exhibitions in Seoul, Daejeon, Japan, Italy, China, Singapore, etc. Yoon had been selected as one of the Best Top10 artists in Galleries Art Fair 2006, chosen to be supported by Lotte Galleries Promising Artist Program, won Young Artist’s Award from Korean Youth Biennale, Excellence and Special Award from Korea’s National Art Competition, Daejeon Metropolitan City’s Inviting Artist Award, etc. Also, he had been invited to participate in residency programs for Beijing ArtSide Studio in China, Jangheung Gana Studio in Korea, Cité Internationale des Arts in France, Artist Village of Taipei in Taiwan, etc.

His works are collected by Kolon, Hana Bank, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Royal Palace of Dubai, Vent Korea, Paradise Group, Arts Center Kuh, Gana Art Center, Daejeon Museum of Art, Seoul Museum of Art, Bobath Memorial Hospital, Golfzone Cultural Foundation, Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Standard Chartered Bank, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Art Bank of Korea, Suwon Museum of Art, Lotte Museum, etc. Yoon currently works as a full-time artist with his wife Park Sungsoo (also an artist) in their private studio named Gwasoowon (meaning “orchard”) in Namyangju, Korea.



Jong-seok Yoon’s Solo Invitational Exhibition
표면의 깊이

Being in the age of 50s is going though quite the most crucial period in life, for it is a turning point when regarding 100 years as the lifespan, but it is also the most glamorous and unsettling time considering the weight and responsibilities of life. Even for artists who have been silently walking the path of their calling, their fifties are a time when the sense of unstable satisfaction and excitement intersect. Therefore, it is a great pleasure to meet the works of an artist in his 50s, full of prudence and deep thoughts. Our expectation is that our show of the invited artist Jong-seok Yoon’s works will provide the viewers and guests with a far more marvelous time than ever hoped for.


“The Everyday Life Scenes meet Incidents of the Past at a Dot and Become a Message” 

Jong-Seok Yoon’s syringe pointillism paintings carry the echoes from the million dots…Viewers are mesmerized.  

Newsfreezone |  2021-04-14


The Miraculous World created with a Syringe…Everyday Life becomes History

Millions of ink dots by a syringe… the outcome from honest labor is the miracle itself

KBS News |  2021-04-19