Ahn ChangHong (1953-)

Changhong Ahn held his first exhibition in 1976 and since then held over 40 solo exhibitions in Seoul, Busan, Daegu and Gyeongnam at venues such as Savina Museum (2002), Busan Museum of Art (2009), Gana Art Gallery (2011), Johyun Gallery (2016), Arario Gallery (2019), Gyeongnam Art Museum (2019), etc. Some of the major group exhibitions that he was invited to include Korean 2001-Reinstatement of Contemporary Painting (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art/Seoul), Korean Contemporary Art Centennial Exhibition (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art/Seoul), One Fine Spring Day (Gwangju Museum of Art/Gwangju)(2009), Korean Rhapsody : A Montage of History and Memory (Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art/Seoul)(2011), Humans, Humans!-Shin Hak-chul and Ahn Chang-hong Exhibition (Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art/Gyeonggi-do) (2013), and Triangle (Artside Gallery/Seoul)(2017). 

Furthermore, Ahn received a prize at The 25th Lee Jung-seop Art Award (2013), The 10th Lee In-sung Art Award (2009), The 1st Buil Art Award (2001), The 10th Bongseng Culture Award-Exhibit Sector (2000) and won the Special Judge’s Award at the 21stInternational Festival of Painting in Cagnes of France (1989). His works are currently displayed at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul Museum of Art, Busan Museum of Art, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Suwon Museum of Art, Savina Museum, Kumho Museum of Art, Daegu Art Museum, etc. His publications include a critique on artists, Youth Shining in Darkness (Gaze, Choi Tae-man). He is currently a full-time artist working in his studio located in Yangpyeong.



Changhong Ahn’s digital pen drawing 
<Haunting Loneliness>

Changhong Ahn’s digital pen drawing series, Haunting Loneliness is not an elaboration on the ‘aesthetics of the emptying.’ In fact, it calls out the ‘vanity of being emptied.’ A transparent model stands alone in the paintings, and no matter how the figure poses, the model’s invisibility makes it utterly despondent. The colorful and unique fashion symbolizes the faces of modern people today. But, with what beliefs do the owners of these outfit live their lives? Is it possible for them to revive their fiery passion for life? It is hard to guess.


The Empty Shell…The Ghost of Desire, only a Smartphone is used at the Age of 68 to produce Digital Pen Paintings 

"The only difference is that my paintings were passive in the past, and they are now at the forefront 40 years later, but my criticism on urban civilization has never changed.”  

SeoulNews |  2021-02-10


Introducing his First Digital Pen Artwork Series “The Ghost Fashion” at the age of 68...“Seems to me that they’re just clothes walking around without souls”

“When the minds that crave to flaunt become excessive, they seemed to me as soulless clothes trotting around.” In the extravagance of fashion, Ahn captured delusion. 

Hankookilbo |  2021-02-22