Nampyo Kim (1970-)

Nam-Pyo Kim was born in Seoul, Korea, and studied Western Art in undergraduate and graduate school of Seoul Naꠓtional University. He has held 18 solo exhibitions internationally and domestically, and was invited to over 100 duo, group, and project exhibitions. Also, the artist has attended over 50 international and domestic art fairs including KIAF (COEX in Seoul), TEFAF (Netherlands), Abu Dhabi Art (Arab Emirates), Taipei Art Fair (Taiwan), ARCO Art Fair (Madrid), Asia Contemporary Art Fair (New York, USA), etc. 

On the other hand, through his activities at “Group Mak (2000-2005)” Kim’s attempt to expand his way of expression at the National Theater of Korea, the Seoul Arts Center’s Towol Theater, and Anyang Stone & Water Gallery has created the current working format that is not tied to a fixed framework. Kim has been awarded as the Selected Artist in the field of Exhibition Plan at Korea Arts & Culture Education Services Contest, won Grand Prize at National University Art Competition, Gold Medal at Creative Arts Association Contest, etc. His works are collected by various organizations including Seoul Museum of Art, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seongnam Cultural Foundation and Suwon I-Park Museum of Art. Since 2008 to 2021, Kim worked as an Artist-in-Residence at Jangheung Gana Atelier.



'Gumgil' Tail of JEJU by Nam-pyo, Kim

Artist Nam-pyo Kim (50), who has been consistently coming up with the “Instant Landscape” series, is presenting a new Jeju Project. This inviting exhibition is titled “Nam-pyo Kim’s Jeju Story – Gumgil”. “Gumgil” is Jeju’s dialect for vine of weed commonly found on the roadside or in the bushes of the island. The exhibition is held under the joint auspices of AIF and HORI Art Space, both located in Cheongdam-dong of Seoul.


An Artist, an Exhibition Planner, and a Film Director’s “Gumgil Coexistence”

At age 50 and inflection point in life, going back to “the first intention” and painting in mountains, forests, and the sea…filled with vitality

Newsis |  2020-11-21

Jeju Island’s Landscape Painted with Q-tips and Fingertips, a Special Challenge of Artist Nam-pyo Kim

The newly launching Jeju Project at the inflection point of life

SeoulNews |  2020-11-25