Cho Young-nam (1945-)

Born in 1945 in Namcheon of Hwanghae-do, Hwasoo Cho Young-nam studied vocal music at Seoul National University and debuted as a singer in 1968 with a pop song titled Delilah. In 1971 around the time he had to serve in the army, Cho began to study painting on his own and had his first solo show in 1973 at Hankook Gallery located in Insa-dong, then held 50 more solo shows and participated in over 600 group exhibitions. Actively working as “a painting singer", Cho’s career of having been a pop singer despite majoring in the most traditional field of vocal music resembles his identity as a painter who advocates “Pop art with Korean sentiment”. However, behind his achievements, there must have been an endeavor to cultivate his own originality in admiration toward “the brilliance of Lee Sang”.



Commemorative Exhibition of the late poet 

Lee Sang(李箱)’s 110th Anniversary of Birth

-“Poet Lee Sang and his 5 Fellas”-

-The five geniuses painted by Hwasoo Cho Young-nam

This year marks the 110th anniversary since Lee Sang - notably the representational figure in the history of Korean literature – has been born. HORI Artspace has prepared its commemorative exhibition titled . Its subtitle is “The 5 Geniuses painted by Hwasoo Cho Young-Nam”, presenting Cho’s works who calls himself “Hwasoo(畵手)” meaning “a singer who paints”. Coincidentally in September, Cho’s second book 『The Vocal Group Poet Lee Sang and his 5 Fellas』 (Hyehwa1117) was published, so the exhibition was simultaneously the celebration of its publication.


Cho Young-nam’s Works as a “Lee Sang Fanatic”… Exhibition at HORI Artspace in Cheongdam-dong 

Utterly fascinated by the late poet Lee Sang’s poems that cannot be explained in text, Cho pledged to be a “die-hard Lee Sang fan”. 

Newsis |  2020-10-03

Cho Young-Nam “The Late poet Lee Sang, the Only Person whom I want to Emutate”

His new publication “Lee Sang and his 5 Fellas”… on warm acceptance of his exhibition, “makes me even think that I may finally be recognized”

Yonhap News |  2020-09-22