Yoon Byung Rock (1968-)

Artist Yoon Byung Rock (1968~) was born in Yeongju and grew up in Yeongcheon of North Gyeongsang province, Korea, and earned BFA and MFA from Gyeongbuk University with his studies of Western Painting. From the Invitational Exhibition as Gogeum Art Research Association’s selected artist in 1995 to HORI Artspace’s Invitational exhibition titled “Yoon Byung Rock : Archive” in 2022, the artist has held over 20 solo exhibitions. 

Yoon received Special prize from the 12th Grand Art Exhibition of Korea in 1993 and Grand Prize from the 18th Daegu Art Contest in 1998. He has also participated in international and domestic major art fairs including Korea International Art Fair (KIAF), Galleries Art Fair, MANIF Seoul International Art Fair, Singapore Art Fair, Taipei Art Fair, Dubai Art Fair, Miami Art Fair and Strasbourg Contemporary Art International Art Fair. Also, he had been invited to over a hundred exhibitions including “Mom! Sorry for being fake!” (Jeju Museum of Art, 2022), “Pureut-pureut Museum: Apple In My Eyes” (Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, 2020), “A Delicious Gallery” (Gwangju, Museum of Art, 2019), “Love that painting” (Insa Art Center, 2008), “The 5th Gwangju Biennale Commemorative Exhibition: Existence and Illusion” (Gwangju Museum of Art, 2004) and Korea’s Youth Biennale (Daegu Arts Center, 2000). 

Yoon is currently an active member of Korean Fine Arts Association, Gogeum Artists’ Association, Simsangjeon, etc.



HORI Artspace’s Invitational Exhibition
<Yoon Byung-rock: Archive>

HORI Artspace is having a solo exhibition of the widely renowned “apple painter”, under the title of <Yoon Byung Rock : Archive>. As can be guessed from the title, it is in the form of an “archive”, laying out the world of an artist’s works. Another nickname of his being “All-sold-out” explains just how much Yoon’s paintings are advocated by international and domestic art fairs, special exhibitions, art auctions and galleries, with collectors already in thousands. So, that led us to wonder, what is it about Yoon Byung Rock’s apple paintings that captivate the viewers?


“I want to be remembered as a painter who delivered joy, and globally-recognized apple-motif painter.”

No matter what, the “Apple painting = Yoon Byung Rock” formula is already a pronoun...If you wish to collect Yoon’s new apple painting, you must patiently wait for at least 2 years.  

Newsis |  2022-05-03


<Yoon Byung-Rock : Archive> looks into the artist’s works of past 25 years including the widely acclaiming apple series.

What is it about Yoon Byung Rock’s apple paintings that captivate the viewers? The search for the answer lies in this <Yoon Byung Rock : Archive> exhibition.

Public News |  2022-05-05


Yoon Byung Rock's apple...broke the “standardized rectangular shape”

KBS News |  2022-05-07