송 필
Song Feel (1970-)

SongFeel (1970-) was born in Jeollabuk-do Province of Korea and earned BFA and MFA

in Sculpture from Kyunghee University. Over the years, Song has held over 15 solo exhibitions 

and participated in more than 100 group exhibitions in galleries including Youngeun Museum, Arts Center KUH, Gallery Sejul, Shangshang Museum (Songzhuang, China), Zero Field Art Center (Beijing, China), etc. Gaining attention by winning Special Award from Conceptual Sculpture Contest in his college years, receiving Koobonjoo Art Prize in 2015 has marked him as the leading sculptor in the field of Korea’s conceptual sculpture. Since then, Song has been sponsored to be an artist-in-residency at Jangheung Sculpture Studio (2014-2015), Youngeun Museum Creative Studio (2019-2020), etc. 

His works are collected by Golfzon Zoimaru (Korea), Supreme Prosecutor’s Office of 

Northern Seoul, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (Korea), SeMA (Korea), Art Bank of 

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Korea), Poly Auction (Beijing, China), 

Manet Museum (Beijing, China), Zendai MOMA Museum (Shanghai, China), 

Wang Huaxiang Art Museum (Beijing, China), etc.



Song Feel’s Solo Invitational Exhibition
Beyond the Withered

The artist who had been describing the destined “weight” of human beings, is having a new exhibition under the title of <Beyond the Withered>. One can guess from the title that 

it implies the infinite circulation of life. In dictionary definitions, the term can be explained as“beyond the state of dried to death”. So it is that the withered now is not the end, but there is a flow of new hope waiting

past the current state.


Sculptor Song Feel's solo exhibition...blooms flowers on the dead trees 

The highlight of this exhibition is undoubtedly the 7-meter tall stainless steel tree hung in the air.  

Newsis |  2021-10-18


Sculptor Song Feel held solo invitational exhibition 

'Beyond the Withered'

To highlight the theme of the work, he gave weight to utilizing the bark of trees and dead trees. 

Asiaeconomy |  2021-10-19