Song Feel’s Solo Invitational Exhibition

Beyond the Withered

October 15 (Fri) - November 13 (Sat), 2021

SongFeel’s <Beyond the Withered>, 

A New Hope from the Infinity of Life 

Sculptor SongFeel has been receiving acclaim for his works connoting “the weight of daily life hauled by modern people”. Seeing his creations of herbivore figures carrying a massive stump immensely larger than their bodies is heart-wrenching; It feels as if they are throwing you a question of, where are you headed in such a hurry? The artist who had been describing the destined “weight” of human beings, is having a new exhibition under the title of <Beyond the Withered>.

One can guess from the title that it implies the infinite circulation of life. In dictionary definitions, the term can be explained as “beyond the state of dried to death”. So it is that the withered now is not the end, but there is a flow of new hope waiting past the current state. To emphasize the theme, cut-down leafless trees and hollow trunk of dead trees were profoundly utilized in this exhibition. It is humbling to see the blue plum blossoms that have bloomed from the dead barks.

“I wanted to deliver a message that resonates in everyone. All the forms and materials used are different for each piece, but in the end, they are all about “the story of life," simply the most common stories of myself and those around me in the form of sculpture. Through them, I’d like to raise questions that are true about the real life - its heaviness, beauty, and so on. May the various emotions from your daily living have solidarity with my works, and I always wish to be remembered as an artist who conveys truthful consolation and empathy.”

As these words of the artist, the biggest charm of SongFeel’s works is his sincerity. There is no fictitiousness in any of the theme or the production process. His state of mind is to contemplate the cycle of life with faith in its infiniteness. The highlight of this exhibition is undoubtedly the 7-meter tall stainless steel tree hung in the air, titled <Rooted in the Air>. Not only by its gigantic scale but finding 1-2mm rootlets and branches welded to the body will bring you to an absolute awe. In particular, the large and small crystals (Swarovski) hanging at the tip of the branches present mystical aura of color from fine stirs of light. The crystals can also be regarded as the solid form of life’s infinite vitality. Moreover, the 3-meter piece of the red plum blossoms sprouted from a dead tree titled "Lefugia-Sprouted I" will be displayed with many other masterworks.

“SongFeel's blue plum blossoms may not exude any physical scent, but they awaken the importance of life. They have a stronger symbolism as resuscitation and immortal flower of life blooming from dead, than its generally known symbolic meaning of integrity, or a messenger of spring. Song’s plum blossoms are wish for life.”

As worded by Jong-Pil Byun, director of Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, the sculptor sings of the never-withering life and its everlasting hope. His works give you the courage to face the long journey of life, in which suffering and romantic moments intersect countless times. And the will and wisdom too – by accepting the weight of life as destiny and regard it as the stepping stone. The “Plum blossoms(梅花) from dead old trees” series seem authentic since they are built from natural sources that had withstood many years, which the artist had collected from the deep forest. It is our hope that SongFeel’s <Beyond the Withered> will rekindle the new meaning of life to each and every viewer of the exhibition.

* Hosted by Nari Kim (CEO of HORI Art Space)

* Directed by Yoon-sub Kim (CEO of AIf Art Management)


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