David Lehmann’s First Solo Exhibition in Asia

Puzzling Astonishment

August 2 (Mon) - September 18 (Sat), 2021

David Lehmann’s First Solo Exhibition in Asia in the title of “Puzzling Astonishment” 

“A new artist who is setting standards for his colleagues”

David Lehmann (b.1987), Germany’s young rising artist has chosen Seoul to be the city for his first solo show in Asia. Acclaimed as “an artist of his generation who sets standards to which his colleagues must adhere” with his powerful works that major galleries in Germany are eager to exhibit, the artist has been captivating the hearts of European audiences. And now, with the subtitle of “Puzzling Astonishment”, the works of this young sensation will be shown in Gangbuk and Gangnam district of Seoul simultaneously; this joint exhibition project is hosted by Choi & Lager Gallery and HORI Artspace and organized by AIF Art Management. 45 paintings and 30 drawings, altogether 75 of Lehmann’s works will be waiting for the Korean audience in these galleries.

The characteristics of David Lehmann's works lie in his unconstrained style of drawing that is free from any form or principle. His talents were distinct even from his school days, leading him to win numerous awards and scholarships. Among them, earning the "Best Young Artist Award" by Brandenburg Union State in Germany in 2016 is the most noticeable. And in 2019, he was nominated as one of the young 53 artists for “The Grand Touring Exhibition of Germany’s Emerging Fine Artists” that was shown in 4 major cities of Germany. Its panel of judges received quite the attention by being composed of only the most prestigious art professionals in the entire German art society.

“An artist should have a stance in the current political and social phenomena and perform a role with responsibility, especially against populism or far-right ideology that are prevalent in Europe these days.” 

– David Lehmann

Laura Klimt, a renowned art critic in Germany has commented; “Lehmann’s paintings do not give us simple promises. Rather, he pushes us viewers into the post-ideological maze: with his carefully chosen titles, this grand persuader allows Nietzsche and Kurt Cobain or even Herodotus and Madonna to appear on the same stage, not caring about the hierarchical cultural critique.” Klimt’s words affirm that Lehmann’s works are born from daring experimental spirit that goes beyond the existing formative convention.

They also satirize political and social themes and discharge erotic images explicitly and provocatively; the unbound intuitive reinterpretation of contemporary sentiments with various ideologies coordinated in one canvas. However, the theme of Lehmann's work is not limited only to socio-political matters. The artist touches on a wide range of topics related to human subjects - particularly combining the events and phenomena occurring in present days with scenes from history or ancient Greek myths – in pungent yet humorous manner. On top of that, Lehmann spontaneously expresses impressions or inspirations received from other forms of art namely literature, film, and music.

The act of painting for David Lehmann may be described as continuously replacing and repeating the controlled reasons and Dionysian emotions. The artist uses various materials and techniques to express beauty and ugliness, creates new narratives by retelling ancient myths or classical literature in modern language, and gives shapes to complex human emotions or psychological states. Therefore, David Lehmann can be regarded as an artist who extends the meaning of painting by enabling it to express phenomena or psychological realms that humans are faced with, while staying true to its essence through color and brushwork. In particular, it is extremely astonishing to see how the vital and impulsive touches of brush coexist with delicate ones as if stroked with fluffy feathers. You will taste the sublimity of painting itself as you discover how Lehmann completed each canvas with his own unique method of using various media such as gouache, oil paint, oxidizing copper paint, spray paint, etc. We look forward to witnessing the charm of German contemporary art’s new leading trend right here with us.

* Hosted by Nari Kim (CEO of HORI Art Space) · 

Jinhee Choi & Sunhee Choi (CEO of Choi & Lager Gallery)

* Directed by Yoon-sub Kim (CEO of AIf Art Management)  


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